Examples of Key Achievements

In our last post we discussed the value of key achievements and their potential to set you apart from other job candidates. Like we said, a key achievement doesn't need to be mind-boggling to add value to your CV - neither does it have to be related to the workplace. The following examples might give you an idea of how others are promoting themselves by referencing accomplishments drawn from various areas of their life experience:

Work related:

  • Designed an advert which was credited with increasing sales by 15%
  • Increased sales in my territory by a third over the space of two years
  • Received three promotions in five years
  • Initiated a flexi-time system which was credited with reducing absenteeism by 25% in the first year
  • Became the youngest store managers across the chain
  • Awarded Employee of the Month in April 2016


  • Served as the PRO for my local GAA club
  • Organised and hosted a charity bingo night in aid of a local hospice
  • Worked within a team which raised €50,000 for a homeless shelter in Cork
  • Served on the Parents' Association panel of my daughter's school during 2014-15


  • Raised three children and inspired them to become well-adjusted adults
  • Travelled to all five continents on a shoestring budget during an extended holiday in 2014
  • Stopped smoking in 2012 having smoked for 30 years
  • Administered CPR to a man suffering from a heart attack
  • Fulfilled a lifetime ambition by learning to speak Italian

Sports related:

  • Completed the Dublin Marathon in 2011
  • Climbed Carrantuohill in 2010
  • Overcame a fear of deep water by learning to scuba dive
  • Learned to ski at the age of 47
  • Captained my local soccer team to successive league title wins
  • Skydived from 8,000 feet despite a lifelong fear of heights

School / College:

  • Funded my tuition fees by working in childcare
  • Elected to the board of my University's Student Union
  • Exceeded my dissertation target by achieving a 1:1 rather than a 2:1


  • Planned and landscaped a new back garden
  • Learned Salsa dancing and now teach beginners each week
  • Wrote 25 short stories between 2005 and 2014 and got two published
  • Designed and made my sister's wedding dress
  • Organised a family reunion in 2014, reconnecting 60 family members from various countries

We hope these examples might inspire you to recall your own achievements in life the next time you need to update your CV.